Felt Christmas Tree - Montessori

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Felt Christmas Tree - Montessori

Felt Christmas Tree - Montessori

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Put a smile on your child's face this Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas where your child can help decorate the house. At the same time your child will develop. You will also be impressed by your toddler's unique and imaginative tree decorations. This simple design allows your child to hang decorations anywhere they like. Stimulating children's creativity was our last New Year's wish.


Our Santa Claus brings more than just presents. He brings educational & educational gifts.

Decorating a Christmas tree or wrapping presents is more than you think. It's your kids trying to match colors, find patterns, match different sizes and, most importantly, have fun while they do it. These "tasks" help children improve their recognition skills and logical reasoning.

✅ Improves recognition, logical thinking and fine motor skills
✅ Reduces anxiety, excitement, discomfort and restlessness in toddlers
✅ Keeps your child engaged and motivated to create for hours
✅ Develops independence, creativity, attention span, imagination


Perfect distraction for your child!

This way your child can decorate his own tree while you as a parent are decorating the tree. Do it together! You decorate the big one and they decorate the small one. This way everyone is happy!

Holidays are a time when the whole family comes together.

This Christmas tree ensures that you spend quality time with your children and keeps you busy during the holidays. Get everyone involved and decorate as the snow falls and the bells ring. Memories like these last a lifetime.

Christmas is not a time to worry.

Unlike others, our Christmas tree is sturdy, compact and easy to store and you will enjoy it year after year. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless and safe materials make you enjoy the festivities instead of worrying.

Make your child's biggest Christmas wish come true!

Including free LED lighting. 

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“ Thousands have used our Turmeric soap and experienced improvements in black spots and acne.”

“ Thousands have used our Turmeric soap and experienced improvements in black spots and acne.”

“ Thousands have used our Turmeric soap and experienced improvements in black spots and acne.”